Postpone study

-Imagine that there is something you must do today, for example you have to memorize 5 pages of a pamphlet or Booklet, in order to put the pamphlet in front of you and start learning, and then suddenly  such an idea will come up to your mind,Like „I should first tidy up the room.“ “Let me see what my friend sent me on Instagram.” Or thoughts about The future… and you will try to find all kinds of excuses, just to not study, after wasting the whole day about it without being Productive enough, You start to believe that the next day will be better ,but it will happen over again.

•why is this happening ?

-Postponing Tasks is not a foreign Phase ,It happens to everyone during a stage of Life,because no is Perfect and in the end we still Humans  and the flaw won’t count on you but if you stay like that and don’t try to find a solution then the flaw will be  count on you..

what’s the solution?

-the problem is not only  managing time but also arranging ideas in your mind, because you won’t give up on your studying until you feel that you  Lost hope or unmotivated   … Those thoughts results when you give yourself the feeling that you have enough time left or telling yourself :“ I’m not Ready to study for now, I don’t like this Topic … which will create a large barrier between you and your to do list and the one who builds that Negative Barrier is only you! 

•do you know what is worse?

-For example, when you have a negative attitude towards the work to be done, you will say “Why do I have to learn this? These kind of thoughts will increase even to the next days which your productive opportunity time gets less and till you realize that there is too much work left for that Limited time ,ending up with loosing all the motivation and believing that you will end up failing . 

The First Step for you to do is to control and manage your thoughts and reaching an End-result that  you controlled it and give everything to reach your goal and destiny . 

•Here are some tips to deal and handle with  postponing Tasks :-

1-Make it easy for yourself by separating the subject you have to study to several parts, Like  how a human Digests Food by eating it in small parts before it will be send to the stomach to get break down for digestion. Your brain work on similar mechanisms and take the Information better if you divide it in Branches ,Creating a easy Map of information that results in better Understanding  and will start to feel Happy ,more Comfortable and ready for the Exam which will lead to release of dopamine hormone also called “Happiness Hormone” that will lead you and  encourage you to continue studying and to get more done .

2- Prioritize learning and turn everything that keeps you busy with learning into the way. For example, if you can’t give up your mobile phone, then it seems that your mobile phone has priority in learning, which will usually takes to the Laziness and back to the Postpone Tasks Problem.

-maybe it’s hard to for you to try because maybe  you have tried that before and it didn’t work, So how about trying the  (The 5 minutes Rule) which Leads you to try to study just for 5 minutes and then taking a rest but when you are studying in those 5 minutes you will convince yourself  that you can continue and you will start the get the task done.

-Remember that everything is in your Hands ,the amount of searching and looking for the Best way will not Help if  you don’t have the will to face  that problem ! You should start Today with  arranging  your thoughts , managing your time and then creating Your  to-do  list

-We hope that God will provide you with convenience and give you enough strength, and a lot of good luck. 

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