Preparing for studying after holiday

1-Get an idea of the subjects you will be studying in the new study year. You can ask students of the past year about the subjects that you will study, the doctors’ method of explaining, and take some advice from them like how to study and control the subjects.

2-Remember the mistakes you made last year, and be careful not to repeat them e.g.Do not be late for lectures, do not be absent, do not postpone your studies

3-Discover your learning style based on your strengths, weaknesses and preferences to understand the best learning method for your brain.

4-Provide a quiet and suitable place for studying

5-Try not to overuse your Mobile Phone like during the Holidays and Limit your Activities to save time for studying.

6-Make a team with your friends to share important points and questions with them (Make a group in social media for sharing, notes,pdf, date of exams, questions,……)

7- If you have shared themes in the past year, it is best to review them, because in the new year you will complete these themes


• Arrange your bedtime, so that you won’t be tired during the lectures

• write a daily or weekly To-Do list which will allow you to see your day and Tasks as achievable Goals ,it’s suggested to write them as small as possible ,so that they appear more manageable.

9- Motivation :If you can’t find the Motivation to start studying then Force yourself to do it only for 5 minutes ,after those 5 minutes you decide if you still don’t want to keep going ,if that’s so then put away and start another subject for 5 minutes ,even if you stop after 5 Minutes ,you will have achieved Worth of knowledge that you didn’t have before ,But more likely ,those 5 Minutes will make it easy to just Keep going ,Often times the Hardest Part is getting started.

10-Healthy Routine:

• take a good care of your health by making a good routine with healthy food diet and doing some light exercises for 15 minutes everyday to boost you up!

• make sure to sleep well and give your brain a recovery!