Membership Registration

KPSA is an international organization and a member of the International Federation of Pharmacy Students (IPSF).

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member of KPSA?

  • Student exchange program between countries around the world for a month on taking pharmacy courses.
  • KPSA members have the right to participate in all activities of the federation, such as the general meeting and the Middle East meeting held annually in one country. Members are able to participate in IPSF programs and events in any country.
  • Participation in university activities such as (festivals, ceremonies, htc….) in coordination with the college representatives.
  • Work on improving the ability of our members in all scientific and social fields and improve their skills by conducting courses (marketing, representation, personal development, how to strengthen skills, htc….)
  • Raising awareness among citizens on health issues on World Days in public places through publications, videos, field activities and charitable activities.
  • Conducting scientific workshops and seminars such as (visiting hospitals and presenting the role of pharmacists, pharmacy courses, htc….)
  • Conducting an annual pharmacists’ summit on Pharmacy Day.
  • Work on the role of pharmacists in society. These and many other things.

Only members of the organization are eligible to participate in its activities. Anyone who wishes to become a member must fill out the following form.