KPSA (Kurdistan Pharmacy Students’ Association) is non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization representing students of college of pharmacy and recent graduates up to four years.

Scope and Values:

  • The mission of KPSA is to improve public health by:
  • Advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science;
  • Responding to global challenges in health, health education and workforce strategies;
  • Serving as the collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in Kurdistan.
  • The values of the Organization include:
  • Respect for human dignity;
  • Cultural diversity and individualism;
  • Team spirit encouraging individual initiative;

  • The Organization aims to:
  • Equip members for professional life in Kurdistan Region of Iraq;
  • Increase member involvement in global health;
  • Strengthen inter-professional commitment to healthcare.

  • The specific objectives of the Organization are to:
  • Provide    opportunities    for    professional    development,    education, and international exchange;
  • Disseminate scientific and professional knowledge;
  • Advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies;
  • Strengthen cooperation of the Organization with student, professional, governmental, and non-governmental organizations;
  • Advocate for improvements to health systems.